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Thursday, 1 September 2016

STUNT Gone WRONG: Jim 'Bullet' Bailey, USA

It happened on Wednesday 1 April 1981, in Hawaii, killing Aussie stuntman Jim Bailey.

Australian stuntman Jim Bailey, known as ''The Human Torpedo,'' fell 500 feet to his death from an airplane while making a film for television, authorities said. Initially, authorities said Baily was performing for ABC-TV's ''That's Incredible,'' but the show's producer denied having any connection with the accident.

Witnesses, including members of the Maui Fire Department and the rescue unit, said Bailey, a resident of Brisbane, Australia, was suspended underneath a single-engine Ballanca by a strap and belt when the belt broke. He hung onto the strap for a few seconds before falling.
Officials said the stunt called for Bailey to hang on under the plane during takeoff and slide to a landing when the plane made a ''touch-and-go'' on the strip.

Bailey had appeared twice on ''That's Incredible.'' In an episode televised Jan. 26, he was dragged behind a car and crashed head-first through a flaming wall.

On Dec. 8, 1980, an episode showed Bailey being dragged behind another car at 165 mph and then skidding 1,300 feet along the pavement. But Alan Landsburg, producer of the ABC show, said there was no connection between Bailey's death and ''That's Incredible.'' ''We have nothing going in Hawaii, we're not working there,'' Landsburg said from his Los Angeles office. ''We've been on hiatus for about three and one-half weeks.

We finished our season and we don't start shooting until June. ''The accident obviously shocks us, but there's no way it could have been our crew filming. I tell you it was not our shoot. The accident was not even remotely connected with ''That's Incredible.'' Landsburg said it was possible the accident involving Bailey was being filmed by a private company and Bailey later planned to sell the film to ''That's Incredible.'' Landsburg said accidents have occurred during previous filming for the show, prompting safeguards.

''We've set absolute limits on what we'll buy due to the accident factor,'' the producer said. ''We've had a few accidents and we didn't want any others. We made it very clear that we wouldn't consider that type of outside purchase.''

Monday, 25 April 2016

DEATH by Whirlpool, UK

Jacob Cockle seen wearing a horse mask as he moves around the whirlpool. (Video snapshot)

Daredevil photographer, Jacob Cockle, 28, often tempted fate in the waters and uploaded extreme footages to his video-sharing sites, where his efforts racked up millions of views, but his luck ran out on May 28, 2013.

As a friend looked on, he was dragged under by a whirlpool in Carnsew Pool in the estuary of the River Hayle in Cornwall - while wearing a plastic horse head mask. He used the mask as a comedy prop to include in his footage.

As he ducked underwater with a waterproof camera to get close-up footage he was dragged down and sucked into the whirlpool.

Monday, 28 December 2015

DEATH of a Race Car Driver by Flying Fire Extinguisher - Tom Pryce, SOUTH AFRICA

Pryce is the only Welsh driver to have won a Formula One race and is also the only Welshman to lead a Formula One World Championship Grand Prix: two laps of the 1975 British Grand Prix.

Wales has never had the pleasure of a Grand Prix success story - unlike the other British nations. England can boast a record eight world champions, including the last two; Scotland has two in triple-champion Jackie Stewart and the brilliant Jim Clark; whilst Northern Ireland can lay claim to two championship runners-up in Eddie Irvine and John Watson. Wales has produced just three Formula One drivers, none of whom managed a race win. However one of them was a brilliantly talented racer, and would surely have gone on to great success had his life not been cut tragically short at the South African Grand Prix of 1977.

Tom Pryce
That man was Tom Pryce born on 11 June 1949 in Ruthin, Denbighshire, to Jack and Gwyneth Pryce.
Jack had served in the Royal Air Force as a tail-gunner on a Lancaster bomber before joining the local police force. Gwyneth was a district nurse. Pryce's older brother, David, died at the age of three leaving Tom an only child for much of the time he was growing up, although his parents did foster a young girl called Sandra for a while. Pryce, known to his friends as Mald, attended Nantglyn Catholic Primary School, Denbighshire. The family later moved to Towyn, Denbighire, due to Jack's job.

Pryce took an interest in cars while driving a baker's van at the age of 10, before informing his parents that he wanted to be a racing driver. During an interview with Alan Henry in 1975, he stated that he had wanted to become a pilot, but thought he was not intelligent enough. Like many future Formula One drivers, Pryce had a childhood racing hero. In his case it was Lotus's Scottish driver Jim Clark. Pryce's mother recalled that he was very upset when Clark died at the Hockenheimring in April 1968. His father noted that "he was very upset when Jochen Rindt was killed, too". After he left school at 16, in typical pragmatic Welsh fashion, Pryce's mother insisted that he take an apprenticeship as a tractor mechanic at Llandrillo Technical College, giving him "something to fall back on", as she put it, if his career as a racing driver was unsuccessful.

In 1975 Pryce married Fenella, more commonly known as Nella, whom he met at a disco in Otford, Kent in 1973. Following the death of her husband, Nella went on to run an antiques store in Fulham, London with Janet Brise, the widow of Tony Brise, who died in a plane crash in 1975 with fellow racing driver, Graham Hill and later moved to France.

Pryce leads Niki Lauda at Brands Hatch 1974

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

CAUGHT On Film: Man Murders Ex-wife’s Lover in High Speed Car Crash, and Continues to Assaults His Body

CCTV footage has emerged of a man driving into a couple outside a police station before emerging from the vehicle and proceeding to kick them as they lie injured on the ground.

According to Sina, the attack took place at around 10 a.m. on September 29 in city, Anhui province. The victims, a female surnamed Qin and male surnamed Min, had just got out of a taxi which had stopped in front of the police station when a black car drove into them at high speed.

The car was driven by a man surnamed Zhang, former husband to Qin. The attack is thought to be a crime of passion given recent disputes between the pair, although few details have been released as to the history of their relationship.

While Qin survived the attack, owing to the severity of his injures Min was pronounced dead shortly after emergency services arrived. Zhang is being held in custody by police while an investigation takes place.

Despite the attack taking place outside a police station, neither the security guard on duty or bystanders in the vicinity chose to intervene as Zhang assaulted his victims after the horrific collision.


Monday, 17 August 2015

A Brazilian Referee Was Lynched, Quartered and Beheaded By Spectators At a Match | PIN THAT!

On June 30, 2013, Otávio Jordão da Silva Cantanhede was refereeing an amateur football match at Pio XII, in Maranhão, Brazil. Otávio sent off player Josemir Santos Abreu, 31, who refused to leave the field and began a fight with the referee. Abreu threw a punch, which prompted Otávio to draw a knife from his pocket and repeatedly stab Abreu. Abreu died on the way to the hospital. When fans watching the game, including Santos’ friends and family, found out about the death of Santos, they invaded the pitch and stoned Cantanhede, before decapitating him, quartering him, and putting his head on a stake in the pitch. Police chief Valter Costa was quoted as saying “One crime will never justify another”.


In October 2013, former Brazilian soccer player João Rodrigo Silva Santos, 35, was beheaded and his head was dumped on his front doorstep. He had been abducted the night before by two men who forced him into a vehicle.

The double murder in Maranhão, Brazil and the second soccer related beheading in less than a year has led to questions regarding the safety of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, and indeed, the 2016 Summer Olympics. It should be taken into account, though, that the city of Pio XII has one of the country’s lowest HDI (0.541 = Low Human Development), being located in Brazil’s second poorest state (Maranhão). The situation is much better in the capital cities where the matches will be held, with HDI ranging from High to Very High (~ 0.800).


Friday, 31 July 2015

A Teenager Was Decapitated By a Roller Coaster He Wasn’t Even Riding On | PIN THAT!

Asia LeeShawn Ferguson
On June 28, 2008, 17-year-old Asia LeeShawn Ferguson, a South Carolina teenager, was decapitated after being struck by the Batman roller coaster at Six Flags Over Georgia.

While on a trip at the park with his church’s youth group, the teen along with a friend, scaled a pair of fences into a restricted area and walked into the ride’s path.

Witnesses stated he was trying to retrieve his hat.

The Ride:

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