Friday, 19 September 2014

DEATH(S) By Explosive Decompression, (The Byford Dolphin Deep Sea Driller Incident of 1983) – NORTH SEA

Circumstances that led to the deaths of these poor souls were so horrific and could have been prevented…

Byford Dolphin oil exploration rig
in dry dock at Invergordon (Scotland) on 2008
“It was like someone shaking a bottle of pop and opening the top… Talking to people who saw it is virtually impossible because they have been so traumatised by it and can’t speak about it.” – Clare Lucas, daughter of Roy Lucas
The Byford Dolphin Deep Sea Driller is a semi-submersible, column-stabilized drilling rig which has suffered some serious accidents, most notably an explosive decompression in 1983 that killed five workers and badly injured on

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