Friday, 2 January 2015

Skydiver Saved Girl's Life By Acting As HUMAN SHIELD | PIN THAT!

The father of an Australian woman has described the final act of a heroic young skydiving instructor, who calmly told his daughter their plane would crash and embraced her to protect her from the impact.

The instructor and five other people died when their plane hit a power pole and nosedived into a tree soon after take-off from an airport near St Louis, in the US state of Missouri, on Saturday.

Investigators believe the plane had engine failure. A witness reported seeing its right engine in flames moments after take-off.

Two people, including Australian tourist Kimberley Dear, 21, were seriously injured and remain in a US hospital.

Kim Dear with her father William at her overseas send-off, and the wreck of the plane after it nosedived into a suburban backyard. Photo: Supplied/AP | Source

Her father, Bill, of Sydenham in Melbourne’s north-west, spoke to the media at the time and explained the final moments of the life of the brave skydiving instructor.

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